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​2019 Flying Adventures

Welcome to the ERacer website.  Below is a monthly update of 2019 ERacer Flying and activites

January 2019

This year has started out with a cold month here in Georgia but I was still able to get out and exercise the ERacer a bit.  I am planning a repainting of the upper fuselage when things warm up.

February 2019,

Work and a 10 day sailing vacation to the Seychelle Islands kept us busy most of the month.  I did manage to find a few nice days to get out and fly.

March 2019,

Got the plane up a couple times in March but on one day, I had a flat tire in the hammerhead that took me back to the hanger to repair.

April 2019,

A week before we were to fly the ERacer to the Bahamas for the 2019 Bahama Bash, I experienced a Hydraulic

Failure that resulted in the gear not retracting.  After safely landing I discovered a blown out hydraulic line.  This was repaired but was only a symptom of a larger pump issue.  After replacing a few different parts, I discovered 

that the impeller section of the pump had failed so that part had to be factory ordered.  So we ended up flying to the Bahamas with some friends in their Beech Baron.