January 2018

​January was a slow flying month due to the cold weather as well as the propeller spinner project I have been working on.

​I did manage to get a couple local flights in before getting the propeller back on.

February 2018

​Finally finished the new spinner and flight tested it.  Looks and works great!!  Probably wont get any speed out of it but if feels smoother and looks excellent.  Thanks to Martin Skiby for the main cone.

March 2018

We got a little local flying done this month to include the first flight with our dog, "Winston".  He handled it fine.  Next month will be the Bahama Bash to Exuma island and then down the Grand Turk.

April, 2018

​We attended the 2018 Bahama Bash for the 5th year.  Flight to Exuma and back went great.  We flew from Ft Pierce Fl with the Turner's in formation with their Longeze.  we had 5 canards attend and 6 planes in all.  thanks to Curtis aand Christine Wray for planning it all!!

May 2018

I got some local flying in as well as flew up to north Atlanta for my youngest daughters graduation party.  Its been a very rainy month so we have had a lot of down time.

June 2018

A very rainy month but did get out a few times.  Aircraft was down for a couple weeks to install a glass leaf spring trim system.  So far I see it much stronger with more overall trim control than the old cable and spring set up.

July 2018

we were not able to get to Oshkosh this year and the weather also kept us from a Jekyell island trip so July was just filled with some local flying. and I did add a removable handle that aids in moving the aircraft around and into the hanger.

August 2018

Spent august getting the Airplane ready for the Kanab Fly-In trip at the beginning of next month.  I did some local flying and was able to fly with my daughter and give a first time ride to a friend.  Also we will be getting a new hanger floor in Sept!!!

September 2018

​Barbara and I took the ERacer on our longest trek ever in September.  We left Georgia and flew through Texas and New Mexico to get out to the Kanab Fly-in in Kanab Utah.  We were able to stop through Tyler, TX and Lubbock TX on the way and see family and Friends.  We had a great weekend with over 35 canards in attendance.  Allen Floyd and Laura Noel did an excellent job organizing and executing an outstanding Fly-In.  WE flew back home through Del Rio to see the grandkids and got stopped in Jackson MS for a day by Tropical Storm Gordon.  It was such a fun adventure for both of us. 


This month we hosted the 6th annual " Canards over Georgia" fly-in.  The weather was a major issue this year with low ceilings and continuous rain.  However, we were able to feed about 25 people and had many drive in from around the area for the afternoon.  One canard did make it in later in the afternoon.  David Schultz braved the weather and found some blue sky to get to Georgia from Tennessee.  Our ERacer is down this month for a cracked hydraulic cylinder mount as well as a cracked exhaust pipe.

November 2018

​This month was a slow flying month due to my personal travel, work, cold weather, and most importantly, I had to replace a cracked exhaust pipe and repair a cracked Hydraulic cylinder mount.  The aircraft is all repaired and back flying again.  I am also replacing the canard cover that was damaged on our trip out to Utah.

December 2018

Happy new Year to everybody!  December was a busy, rainy and cold month here in Georgia.  We had family in town all month but flying was minimal due to the weather and a canard cover upgrade I have been working on.  However I was able to get out a few times on some beautiful days.

2018 Flying Adventures

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