​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​December 2017

It was a busy month with some cold weather but I was able to get the ERacer up a couple times before I pulled the propeller off to install a new spinner.  Details of the installation will be posted on the new website when complete.


November 2017

  I was able to give another Chinese pilot student, Donald, his first ride in a canard aircraft.  Also worked on the propeller spinner a bit.  I will post multiple pics of the spinner addition in the "upgrades" tab.

October 2017

 Just some local flying this month and a few modifications as well as some new paint.  Added a red bottom onto the ERacer this month just for fun and relocated the battery box to the back of the aircraft.  The engine starts much better now due to shorter cable run.

September 2017
This month was highlighted by the Rough river Fly-In in Kentucky.  I packed up the plane and flew up to the State Park .  I decided to camp out instead of trying to find a room (which were non-existent).  There were well over 75 canards in attendance during the weekend and it was great to old friends and make new ones.

             All packed and ready                                    Camping by the ERacer                                            Many friends to see

August 2017 
This was a pretty exciting month.  Barbara and I were able to get up on August 21st the watch the Eclipse.  We flew Northeast of Atlanta to the edge of the direct path.  Looking forward to rough River next month.


(90 degrees of bank to get this one)


July 2017
July was a busy month at work but I was able to get up into the local area a few times.  Will try for Osh Kosh next year.  We will try to get up on the day of the Eclipse next month....should be interesting.




June 2017 
We were able to do some local flying this month as well as a little formation with my fellow canardian, Mike Turner.  However,  this time mike was flying his new Stearman Biplane.  he has started a new business call "Southern Biplanes" to give rides and attend airshows.  Barb and I went up in formation with him to get some pics.




May 2017
Got a few flights in this month.  I gave a ride to one of the local Chinese pilot students. He is here in the USA for a year learning to fly before returning to China to fly for a Chinese domestic airline.


March - April 2017 
I did some local flying in March and got the airplane ready to fly to the Bahamas in April with the Bahama  Bash group.  We flew down to Ft Pierce FL one day and met the group the next to fly to Abacos for the week.  We had 6 canards in the group and 2 twin engine 340's.  An excellent time was had by all and we were blessed to also have Craig Catto of "Catto Propellers" with us for the week.


February 2017 
We did a little local flying when it was warm and I was able to fly with a friend, Mike Turner, with his Long EZ as he tested out some new baggage pods.


January 2017 
Happy new year!!  We look forward to another fun year of flying and friends.  January was a pretty good flying month.  Not to cold and some nice days.  I was able to fly with my son-in-law around Georgia and introduce my grandson to the ERacer by taxing around a bit.  I don't think he was quite ready for a flight.  I will need to build a pretty tall booster seat.

​​​December 2016 
I spent most of the month finishing some canopy repair shown in last months report as well as building some gear legs for a customer.  Then the cold, wet, low ceiling weather came in.  I got the ERacer out a couple times but overall a pretty slow month.


November 2016 
It was a nice month of flying weather this year.  We got in some flying around GA to see the leaves changing in the GA mountains.  Near the end of the month I decided to do some canopy surgery to fix some warping on the front edge that has developed over the years.  That took me into December as the cold weather hit....pics below:

October 2016 
This month brought us some great weather and good flying around GA.  With some trips to Cartersville, GA to visit friends and down to Fitzgerald, GA to see my mom's hometown, as well as give a couple rides, we tried to get out and exercise the canard a bit.  That led us to 4th annual "Canards over Georgia" fly-in we held at the end of the month this year.  We had a good turnout.  A few long-ez's flew in and engineer Jeff Kerlo brought the prototype project to their new single seat prop/jet powered canard aircraft.  We fed BBQ to about 35 people who flew or drove in.  It was a good day of flying and fellowship.





September 2016 
The airplane was down almost all month due to a needed upgrade and rebuild of the hydraulic pump.  My original pump was a 1994 model that did not have the required backpressure valves,  I had been overriding the pressure switches to get the gear to extend smoothly.  Now the gear works normal in both directions using the pressure switches as designed.  I also took this time to change the brakes, discs, as well as the tires. 




August 2016 
After testing the new instrument panel and making a few small adjustments,  I had some fun in the local area with some good flying weather.  I begin having some issues with the extension of the  landing gear being to slow and began to investigate.  This has led me to upgrade my hydraulic pump to a newer one with built in check valves and backpressure relief valves.  It is actually the same pump and motor but a new valve housing.  While the plane is jacked up I have been changing brakes, rotors discs, and tires.   (pics shown above in Sept report)) 


June - July 2016
After a little local flying I decided to rebuild the instrument panel.  This was done for mainly 3 reasons:
      1.  More leg room for the passenger (my wife), and to relocate the ipad mount.
      2.  The old panel was ugly and yellowed and not user friendly
      3.  After 4 years of adding to a basic wiring system  The wires behind the panel were a mess.

I used a red fibered carbon fiber cloth to make a 1/4" panel.  You can see the pics of the construction in the "Upgrades" section of this website


                                 Original panel                                                                                                  New Panel

May 2016
We did a bit of local area flying but, I took a couple weeks to install new antennae, lights , as well as a new propeller.  You can see some pics on the "ERacer Upgrades" page.



April 2016
April was a great month of flying highlighted by the Bahama bash.  We departed as a 2 ship with Allen Floyd and Laura in his newly built Longez from Peachtree City Falcon Field.  After meeting everyone in FL, we departed as three groups to Stella Maris, Bahamas.  We flew a 2 ship with Mike and Bridget Turner in his Longez.  The flight was beautiful but the landing was on a 3500x75 runway with direct crosswinds of 17 gust to 26.  It was sporty to say the least.  We had a great week with friends and even flew out to the Exumas during the week.  We look forward to doing it again next year.



​​March 2016
This month has brought some spring weather so we have gotten out a bit.


February 2016 
This month has been a cold and rainy one but I have been able to get some local flying in between work and the bad weather. Looking forward to the warm spring and some cross country flying.

January 2016  

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  December 2015 and January 2016 were very full for me so my flying time was limited.  However I did manage to get the ERacer out every week or two.  Between a sailing trip to the BVI, Christmas guests, my daughters wedding, a trip to Key West, a couple trips to Texas, ugly cold and rainy weather, and of course my Job of course, I really wasn't able to do much fun flying.  Looking forward to the warmer weather and the Bahama Bash trip in April.





November 2015
The airplane continues to work well.  We have enjoyed some late fall warm weather flying.
We also installed our 2016 Customs sticker in preparations for our Bahama tr
ip in April.



October 2015
This month was pretty much local flying and one big airshow at our home field , KFFC,.  My canards friends Mike and Bridget Turner flew down from North Atlanta for the show. 




September 2015
Well the month didn't start out too well since a huge weather front from the Great Lakes to Texas got in our way of going out west to the Kanab Canard Fly-in.  We were very sad to not be able to join everyone.  So we headed east to Savannah for a few days to enjoy the coast and some good food.


Also did some local flying .....




August 2015
Another year of the "Canards over Georgia" Fly-in is finished.  We fed about 30 people some good BBQ and we met a few builders and flyers from around the area,  The weather around GA was less than favorable but the weather at our field was excellent for the whole day.  Thanks to everyone who supported our efforts.



Annual Condition inspection at the beginning of the month this year.




July 2015 
I was able to get quite a bit of flying in before the Condition Inspection in August and the ERacer Fly-In on 22 Aug.



June 2015  
Weather finally improved which gave me a few chances to enjoy Georgia a little before I had to hanger the plane due to a surgery and the birth of a grandson in Texas.




May 2015

This month was a very wet one with a lot of bad weather and my work schedule kept me pretty busy.  I was able to get the airplane out a few times for some local flying.  Everything continues to work great.


April 2015
We had planned to fly the ERacer to Cat Island, Bahamas for the 2015 Bahama Bash but due to wx we decided to fly commercial with our other friends who had to wx cancel also.  Eight Canard aircraft did make it and we had a lot of fun with out Canard Aviator friends.




March 2015
I have continued to fly when the weather is good.  I got to test my modifications on an 82 degree day.  My  CHT temps were overall 20-30 degrees cooler than I encountered last year on a similar day.  Cruise CHT temps averaged 290 and oil 190.  Took a nice 2 hour flight through the mountains of Georgia on my way to have lunch with my daughter in Athens.


​​February 2015
I have been flying and testing all my cooling mods.  Right now it looks like I'm seeing a 40-60 degree drop in CHT in all aspects of flying as well as a 20-30 degree drop in oil temp,  I will continue to test this at different outside air temps.  I have good notes from my first year of operation so I do have a good comparison.


I took the ERacer up to Lawenceville, GA for the EAA 690 pancake breakfast.  Joerg Wekenberg was my passenger since a stuck hanger door kept him from getting his plan out.  Dave Schultz had his Long EZE up there and we were able to take a look at Jason's Eze project also.

 January 2015
Happy new Year!!!  I have now finished and am testing all my mods in primer.  I will repaint the changed areas when it gets a little warmer and will also post my results. Please see the "ERacer Upgrades" Tab for these mods. 

December 2014
I have continued to do some tests on the new scoop configurations. I have seen some improvement in oil cooling though with cooler all around outside temps, its hard to really tell.  Engine cooling has not changed much but I have not began my cowling vent mods yet.  Not that I really had issues to begin with,  I just wanted a bit cooler.  Anyway I have decided to keep the  modifications so far and will micro, finish, and paint all the modifications.  You will see this in the upgrade tab soon.

 November 2014 
I have the airplane in pieces right now doing some upgrades that should result in a bit more efficiency and less drag....see the "ERacer Upgrades" tab for details.

 October 2014 
Pine Mountain Fly -In
We flew down to KPIM..Pine Mountain for a evening  dinner fly in.  Had a great time of plane talk but found ourselves parked where we were completely surrounded by RV aircraft.   Actually, these RV's are from our home field where there over 30 flying RVs are based as opposed to 2 canards.  Guess we need some more canard builders out there...:)



​​Canards Over Georgia Fly-In 2014 
The fly-In lunch went great.  We at least had 2 more planes than last year and had some good weather, good food, and great friends from as far away as Colorado.  Looks like we fed about 30 people and with the EAA workshop students stopping by in the afternoon, it was a full day of airplane talk and overall aviation fellowship.  Thanks to everyone who came and helped out with the setup.  Guess we will have to have door prizes next year to get some more canards to show up.

September 2014
Annual Inspection done and back in bu
August 2014
This month is Condition Inspection Month so I have begun the process and hope to complete the C.I. in about 2 weeks.
July 2014
July consisted of just some local flying due to a heavy work schedule and a 2 week vacation.
June 2014 
I took the ERacer to the Pine Mtn Flag Day Fly-in on June 14th.  Flew down with Joerg Wekenborg in his Vari-eze. We were the only two canards to show.  Nice little getaway.

Peachtree Airport was closed during the first week of June so I took time to do a couple upgrades.  See the "Upgrades" tab for details as the month progresses.

 May 2014

I have flown local flights on the last two days with the new pipes and completely repaired and paint underbelly...All systems are 100% .  I am working on some added baggage shelving in the cargo compartment.  I will post pics in the Upgrade tab when I'm done.

I have been doing some cosmetic repairs to the bottom of the aircraft.  I also have taken the exhaust pipes off and sent them in to have a ceramic coating put on.  This will aid in reducing the temperature inside the cowl as well as prevent corrosion.

April 2014
After a couple days of fiberglass work on the bottom of the plane and a couple days running and testing the engine.  I made a 4 hour flight back to home at KFFC.  The plane performed flawlessly which leads me and some more qualified people to believe that the cause was a sub-standard air filter that I installed in hopes of getting a little more cooling air as well as some ram effect.  This motorcycle racing filter was not reinforced so after some wear and age, it basically gave in and collapsed into the injection servo nozzles.  We could find no other reason for the power loss and engine failure.



  Aircraft at Ft Pierce FL after the repairs were complete



ERacer is back home in it's hanger where it belongs....:)

"Bahama Bash (bang) 2014" 


Well the ERacer made it to Ft Pierce FL without any problems but experienced a complete power loss after takeoff the next morning.  Below is what happened:
We pre-flighted, started, and taxi'd out.  Engine run-up was normal.  We took off as the 4th ship in a group of four canards headed for Great Exuma, Bahamas.  After a normal liftoff, I raised the gear, and at about 400' the engine power was lost and we began to sink.  I started a slight right turn thinking... "I don't want to be that guy that killed himself trying to turn around too quick",  I moved the mixture lever back and forth and the engine momentarily kicked on and then off a few seconds later. This gave me the ability to get the plane around more.  I eyed an empty and large highway (Sunday morning), I declared an emergency and got the engine to kick back on for a few seconds giving be the ability to bring it around for a right base for the cross runway  I dove down toward that runway and the engine was stopped at that point.  We came over the end and touched down harder than normal because the gear was still retracted.  We slid to a stop and egressed.  There was no fire or much damage except to the bottom of the plane.  I'm glad I had a 2 bladed prop because it stopped in the horizontal position and sustained no damage. We had the plane lifted, put the gear down and pushed it to parking.  Assessment and repairs are underway.





We would not let that little mishap ruin our plans so we flew commercial to the Bahamas and joined all our Canardian friends for a great week of fun and fellowship. 

March 2014 
March has started out in an unusual way.  I flew up to Athens,

GA to pickup my daughter and bring her home for a few days. 

The weather was nice and the ERacer was flying great. 

After the return trip taking her back to school was over,

I was pushing the plane into the hanger and discovered major

damage to the prop.  It was so bad that I had to box it up and

send it to Dale for repairs.  So I'm am using this down time to

do and early annual inspection on the aircraft.




Above are some pics that my daughter put together from our trip back and forth to college.
The major prop damage:  looks like a large bolt or something went through the arc.  Note the bolt thread marks in the laminate.


Left:  The canard if off for inspection and hydraulic rework for the annual.
Right:  Propeller boxed up and being sent out.
February 2014
It has been a cold month but I have managed to get the plane up for a flight every 4 or 5 days. 


I have also taken this time to do a little needed mx.  I noticed extensive wear on the inside of the main tires over the past year so I installed some shims to correct the problem as well as new main tires.  I also installed new canopy gas springs

 January 2014
I did a little cold weather flying to see how the ERacer handles colder temps. It was 10*F at the airport when I cranked up.  The engine warmed up nicely and the flight went great.  The gear seemed a little slower on the retraction but worked perfect both ways with no leaks.  Over all a good check but I don't want to make a habit of flying in that kind of cold...BRRR.
Looks like we will be joining the "Bahama Bash" canard trip this April....should be a fun adventure!!!

 December 2013
Last week I was landing with a passenger at my home field.  After what I would call one of my smoothest landings...then, (about 500 feet into the roll out)  I began to feel a rumbling from the nose wheel. I relaxed the brakes and it continued to get worse so I continued to slow hoping that the fork was not coming apart.  I then saw pieces of rubber flying up and knew the nose wheel was gone.  I was able to slow to taxi speed, pull off the runway and shut down.  Below is what I found and my repair which included a new Grove rim and stronger 4 ply tire.


Its time for an oil change and I need to replace the canopy gas springs.  I have learned that keeping the canopy closed for long periods of time reduces the life of the gas springs. 


I have taken the plane up every 3 or 4 days to keep the engine lubed but the hectic season can make that difficult.

November 2013
November was a very rainy month so I got in a couple local flights.  I hope to get out a bit more in December...:)

October 2013
This month marks the one year Anniversary of ERacer N382RB's First Flight.  It has been a great year of great flying (78 flight hours) but we plan on doing more in the year to come.

Work kept us busy but we managed to fly 5 flights around the local area enjoying the fall colors and cooler weather.
ERacer Aircraft also completed and delivered its first ERacer landing gear kit since we restarted the production of the gear legs.

September 2013,
Rough River Fly-In Review:

Though we were the only ERacer at the Fly-in this year, It was great to get my plane out and meet new friends as well as some I had conversed with by email for years.  58 Canards were counted in attendance.  Great weather and food.  Please plan on making it next year.










August, 2013
I was able to do some flying with my daughters this month.  Annual inspection complete and the EFII electronic ignition is installed.  I will complete the engine runs and flight this week.  More details are on the "ERacer Upgrades" tab.



July, 2013 ** Canards Over Georgia Lunch Fly-in **
 Some local canard builders came out to enjoy the good food and talk building.



June, 2013
First long cross country for the ERacer.  We flew from Peachtree City, GA to Searcy, AR to visit our oldest daughter and her husband.  I of course had to give them their first canard rides also.  It was nice to stretch the legs out on the ERacer.






May, 2013
It was a beautiful day in GA so my wife and I took a skip(sky+trip) up to Kennesaw Airport (KRYY).  We ate lunch at the Chophouse, a steak house located right on the flightline.




April, 2013
March had a lot of bad weather but I did manage to go up every 4 or 5 days during the month.  I will try to make Sun-N-Fun.  Right now Im planning to fly down on Thursday and camp in the Home Builder Camping.  I will plan on leaving Florida on Saturday,  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.


March, 2013
Today was our first official "out and back" for lunch in the ERacer. (Or a Skip  [Sky+trip] as my youngest daughter, Rachel, has named it)   We flew from Falcon Field, GA up to Athens, GA to have lunch with our daughter Mary at the University of Georgia.  It was so enjoyable to be free to fly this wonderful aircraft to the first of many destinations.







February, 2013
I have now completed the 40 hour flight test phase.  The aircraft is now signed off and complete. 
Today I took my wife, Barbara, up for her first flight in the ERacer.  This marked the first time I have carried a passenger.  The flight went great and it was followed by a ride for my youngest daughter, Rachel.  This flight included a little loose formation with Joerg in his Varieze for a few pictures.


                               Barbara, Strapped in and ready                                                                       Smooth flight with my wife!!


​​January, 2013
Well January brought some bad weather but we had enough goods days to almost complete the 40 hour test phase.  I have one more flight and then the aircraft will be officially signed off by me, the certified mechanic, for ERacer N382RB.  I took a quick trip to the FAA in January and was issued my repairman's certificate. 

As you can see from the Chap 23 tab,  I also installed some bellville washers on the propeller and rebuilt my front canard cover, which I am still finishing.  I do hope to repair all the needed cosmetics on the aircraft in the next few months.

As far as flying, I have finished my passenger tests going up to 200lbs  (50lb increments) in the passenger seat on my last flight.  The aircraft continues to perform nicely.  One thing that I would consider and may retrofit later this year is a landing brake.  The landing roll can be very long if no brakes are applied and I feel a little drag would help with brake wear.  I am designing some landing air-brakes for the wings that can be applied during rollout.

** SEE Chap 23 "Flight Testing" to get a look at my additions and adjustments.  **



December, 2012
Happy New Year to all my friends and Site visitors.  Today finds me in Germany getting ready to fly back to the states. (not in my ERacer)

December has been an interesting month of no flying.  I ordered a new fuel hose at the beginning of the month.  After they lost the order and then delayed the new re-order, I finally received the hose and installed it last week.  I ran the engine and it is now ready to fly again.  In the mean time I made a few modifications:


1.  New VVI

2.  New removable dual cup holder

3.  New accent stripes along the red stripe on the fuselage

4.  New and improved glare shield above instrument panel


So, I think I made the best of my down time.  In January I hope to fly the remaining 14 hours of my test time....weather permitting.

** SEE Chap 23 "Flight Testing" to get a look at my additions and adjustments.  **



November 2012
As we move into December,  I have completed 20 successful test flights and logged 25.5 hours in ERacer N382RB.  I had to ground the Aircraft after my last flight when I discovered a small fuel leak had occured in one of the fuel fittings.  This was due to the way engine vibration was effecting the way I had plumbed part of the fuel line from the fuel pump "T" fitting to the Injector servo.  I have ordered a new longer line with an angle fitting to relieve any torque on the fitting.


I have taken this "down" time to go over all the systems again as well as add a removable dual cup holder, new glare shield and a little art work to the aircraft.

** SEE Chap 23 "Flight Testing" to get a look at my additions and adjustments.  **


6 October, 2012
Today I completed the first flight of the ERacer.  The flight went smoothly with no issues.  Landing was uneventful except for my joy in completing this 17 1/2 year project. 

​​Note:  This is actually the first "King Racer" version of the ERacer to ever fly.  Thanks to Shirl Dickey for a great design.

 September, 2012 
Well this month has been a learning experience in the testing of an experimental aircraft.  After repairing the mag problem and the brake issues, I began a series of 5 taxi test increasing speed each time an evaluating the handling qualities of the aircraft.  These consisted of two high speed tests.  During these tests, I realized that there didnt seem to be enough elevator authority to raise the nose properly.  After further investigation and with the help of Shirl Dickey, I realized that the incidence on the canard was almost 3 degrees to low due to some poor workmanship on my part almost 10 years ago.  So I have corrected the incidence to perfectly match the proper setting and with new CG measurements in the first flight condition, I will begin further testing and hopefully complete the first flight soon. **Please go to the Chapter 22  -  Inspection and testing tab for more details on getting the aircraft ready for the first flight **.

August, 2012
On 22 August, my ERacer N382RB was issued the FAA airworthiness certificate by D.A.R. Vern Darley.  I will now continue with the engine break-in and taxi tests in preparation for the first flight in September.  I have found a problem with the left magneto so I have pulled it and am having the company that built the engine take a look at it for me.  In the mean time, I can accomplish some small improvements to the aircraft that I had been planning.  **Please go to the Chapter 22  -  Inspection and testing tab for more details on getting the aircraft ready for the first flight **.

July, 2012
This month was marked by a landmark event in the ongoing building of my aircraft.  After completeing the weight and balance procedure and calculations,  I started up the Lycoming IO-360 for the first time to begin the engine break-in process. I did have to run an additional ground wire and vent the sump tank prior to the first start. The engine started right up and ran very smooth on the first run.  (SEE the Video on the homepage) .  After a few engine runs, I will now re-install all the baffles in preparation for the FAA inspection next month.  The plan for August is to fix a small seeping fuel leak I found around a flange on the starboard inside wall, go over the entire aircraft for adjustments, and get my FAA inspection.  With that I will conduct taxi tests and get some flight time in another similar canard as well as in the local area around my new home airfield.  I will then conduct the first flight.  A good plan but we will see what Murphy has to say about it.    **Please go to the Chapter 18  -  Engine Installation tab for more details of last month **.
***  ALSO SEE Chapter 22  -  Inspection and testing  *** 

June, 2012
I spent the month of June completing the cowlings, making some wing fences to be installed later, filling and wet testing the fuel system, rigging the flight controls and making adjustments, and doing many of the other thousand things needed to prepare the aircraft for an engine run. If all goes well, I will complete the weight and balance, run the engine, and begin taxi tests this month.

May, 2012
This was a monumental month in the life of my ERacer project.  I moved the aircraft to a hanger with the help of my son-in law, Michael Rowlett.  We then attached the wings, canard, canopy air springs, and vortilons.  I am now working on the attachment points between the cowlings and the wing roots. After I complete this, I will do the weight and balance and run the engine.  **Please go to the Chapter 18  -  Engine Installation tab for more details of the month **.

April, 2012
I have now installed all the cables and hoses. Installed the thermocouples, a majority of the camloc cowling fasteners and I will be installing the exhaust pipes next week.  I will also be moving my ERacer to it's new hanger home next month at KFFC (Falcon Field, Peachtree City, GA).  This will allow me to install the wings and finish the cowlings.  **Please go to the Chapter 18  -  Engine Installation tab for more details of the month **.

March, 2012
I made pretty good progress this month.  I finished prepping the cowlings, Installing new hoses, sealing the oil cooler, and did the final install on the forward baffles and plug wires.  Most of the time was spent on the control cables.  I pretty much had to re-build the throttle quadrant, making it wider to accomodate the higher quality hardware I desired to use.  I had to also created a mount for the mixture cable.  However, I have the cables connected and they work great.   **Please go to the Chapter 18  -  Engine Installation tab for more details of the month **.

February, 2012
This month was another great month for progress on the airplane.  I put in over 70 hours of work time.  This time was mostly spent on making the Baffles from scratch, creating the oil cooling system and installation of the cooler, and continuing to work on modifying and finishing the cowling.   **Please go to the Chapter 18  -  Engine Installation tab for more details of the month **.

January, 2012
This month was very productive.  A slow work month and mild temperatures allowed me to get a great deal finished on the engine installation.  Becuase I found very little good info and pictures about engine installation,  I have decided to do a more detailed description of this process.     **Please go to the Chapter 18  -  Engine Installation tab for more details of the month **.

December, 2011
Happy New Year to everyone!!  I hope you had a very Merry Christmas because I got quite a surprise.  When I drove to Florida to deliver an old engine core as a trade in to the company that was going to build my engine,  They already had it done and told me I could take it with me if I desired....So, I am now in possession of a zero-time rebuilt IO-360 Lycoming engine.  Looks like 2012 will prove to be a fun and exciting year for me and my aircraft.  In the coming months I will document the installation. 

November, 2011
Thanksgiving with family and a week of vacation in Mexico took up most of the month.  After finishing the gear re-work and finally getting the brakes bled,  I have turned my attention to the engine.   I hope to be ordering an engine in December so 2012 will hopefully be the completion year. 

October, 2011
This month I installed both wings at the same time to check the alignment and controls.  They had not been on together since early in the install process so this was a big event for me.  I proved that it can be done by one person with help from my aircraft cradle that I built years ago.  They went on nicely.  Alignment and the flight controls checked good after a few adjustments.  I also installed the Aluminum landing gear Talons or boots that Jack Morrison had given me from his first ERacer.   

September, 2011
Well I did manage to accomplish a few things this month.  I attached the stainless registration placard on the outside of the aircraft as well as placarded the gas caps.  I also started rigging up a cargo net into the turtledeck so some bags can be thrown back there someday.  I also aquired a pair of landing gear talons (aluminum boots) that go on the gear legs.  So in October, I will be installing these onto the gear legs.  They are the talons that came off of the late Jack Morrisons first ERacer.  I will look at it as a tribute to him. 

August, 2011
I wish I had some great progress to fill you in on but August was a busy month at work so the ER project didnt get too much attention.  I believe I have found a company that will build me a fuel injected 0360 at a reasonable price, so my plan is to put in my order at the end of the year.   

 July, 2011 
This month I found some time, so I attached the rudders to the stabs as well as rigged up the left aileron.  I attached both elevators to the canard and shaped/secured the attach pins as per the plans.
I also tested the GPS hard antennae that I attached to the underside of the front deck.  Aquired satelites with no problem.

June, 2011
I had to work a lot this month but managed to put on the N number, test the gear ( see the video in the Home page), And finish the vortilons as well as uncover the strake windows.  I also serviced and tested the brake system for the first time.  I used the reverse fill technique which worked great and I had no leaks.  Im at a strange place now, like being all dressed up with no where to go until I get an engine.

May, 2011
May was a good month for my aircraft.  Great painting weather combined wih a lot of time off resulted in the completion of the paint job including a stripe.  I put the final coat on the fuselage and moved it back to the garage to uncover the canopy glass after 10 years of being covered and to paint the stripe and some details.  I also installed the caps and valves for the fuel system.  I plan to put it back in the cradle to run the gear system again next month.  I am truly ready fo an engine now so my search continues. 

April, 2011
April has been a painting month for me.  We had some nice weather (hot and calm wind) so I continued to paint the control surfaces.  I have completed the canard and all the control surfaces as well as the front canard door and the turtle back.  I am now ready to begin the first wing so hopefully the weather will cooperate in May and I can actually complete painting the aircraft.  Then I will really concentrate on getting an engine.

March, 2011
Well March was as unproductive as Feb was productive.  Between my daughters wedding , work and studying for an upcoming upgrade at work,  I didnt get much done so I will just leave last months pics on here for now.
I did cycle the gear system a few more times and adjusted all the pressure switches.  I have no leaks and the system now brings the gear all the way up and down smoothly.  I will now get the plane off the cradle and setup to continue painting as the weather warms up.

February  2011
This has been one of the most productive months for me even though I cannot stand working in the cold weather.  I installed an Odyssey battery and external charger.  With this I completed the battery box top and decided to install a quick disconnect between the Battery and master solenoid for an extra safety. I have sucessfully installed and tested my intercom and VHF radio,  An ELT, as well as a Transponder and Altitude Encoder.  However, I have not completely tested the Transponder/Encoder yet but It does turn on and light up the test light.
After checking the electrics...fuel pump, hydraulic pump, engine instrument power, gear lights, fuel low light, and radios, I decided to turn my attention to the Landing gear system.
I tested the hydraulic pump and cleaned the lines by running fluid through them into a container.  I then hooked up the complete system, Put the aircraft back onto the cradle I had built years ago, and attempted to retract the gear.  The first try resulted in a few puddles of hydralic fluid in the back bay do to some faulty and some loose connections.  After repairing all the leaks and refilling the system, I ran through the gear cycle.  It worked!!!!...with a few small problems that I am working on.  I have run through over 20 cycles thus far and almost have all the bugs worked out. 

 January  2011,
I purchased an AT/50A Transponder and an AR850 altitude encoder.  I spent the cold month of January working on the tray installation and wiring the radio and transponder/encoder. The work is about complete but I still need to install the antennas for both units before I finish. I also purchased a wet compass that I will install into panel. Im still looking for a Garmin 296 or 396 to fill the Air Gizmo holder that is currently in the panel.  Its been nice to get something done in the winter for a change.Comprehensive legal support you and your company can trust.


The following is our 2012-2017 flying adventures.  Hopefully it will give you a feel for some of the possibilities and fun it is to own and fly an ERacer.

2012 -2017 Flying Adventures

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