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ERacer Aircraft Construction Website

Our Goal: To safely build and fly the ERacer
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                                                                                                                                      Updated: August 17,  2016
Welcome to the ERACER  Builder Homesite
The ERacer is a plans built, 2 place, side by side, canard pusher aircraft that utilizes a variety of engine types to create a 200mph+  retractable-gear homebuilt aircraft. 
                                               Enjoying the Islands with some friends!!                                                
                           -  New panel Upgrade.....See "ERacer Upgrades" Tab
                           -  Two ERacer Projects for Sale.......   See Tab on left bottom!!!
                           - 2016  Kanab canard Fly In,                                      Sept 3-5, 2016
                           - 2016  Rough River Canard Fly In,                     Sept 25-27, 2016
                           - 2016  Canards Over Georgia Lunch Fly-In,             Oct 8, 2016
                           -   **NEW**  ERacer Mugs for sale and
                                                   Canard hats for SALE..See "ERacer Merchandise" tab
The PURPOSE of this site is to be a central location where anyone can come, see and learn about the ERacer aircraft.  This is also a central place that all ERacer builders and owners can come to post their progress, pictures, and/or videos.  If you are an ERacer builder or owner, please contact me and I will get you on this site.  Anytime you have information to add, I will copy it onto your own ERacer tab.


ERacer Plans can be purchased from the ERacer designer, Shirl Dickey for $400.00

Contact Shirl at:




                             Completed  ERacers



          Rock LaRocca's ERacer                                     Cliff Cady's ERacer

         Tore Bjoelgerud's ERacer                                  Shirl Dickey's ERacer

          Bruce Vinnola's ERacer                                      Daniel Muller's ERacer

         Mitch Hargin's ERacer                                       Rob Orsolits' ERacer

             Joel Aubry's ERacer                                           Jack Morrison's ERacer

                  Erik Frank's ERacer                                     George Berven's ERacer






Current ERacer Projects


Tom Koftinoff and his King-ERacer project



Mark Fisher and his Turbo prop ERacer project


Kim Riley and his ERacer project 



Andre Rousseau's ERacer project




David Hanson's  "Canard X" Project








I'm Roch (Rock) LaRocca.  I have always dreamed of building and flying an airplane with my own hands. So...I began this plans built ERacer project way back in 1995.  I was flying in the Air Force at the time so every 3 years I had to move this project.  I therefore became an expert on how to trailer a partially built canard aircraft project across the US.  I now fly for Delta Airlines and live south of Atlanta.  I completed my ERacer N382RB and flew the first flight on 6 Oct, 2012.   I completed the 40 hour test phase in early 2013 and the aircraft is signed off and fully operational. 

My ERacer is hangered at Falcon Field (KFFC and home of Aircraft Spruce East), in Peachtree City, GA. 




I was president of EAA Chapter 35, San Antonio, TX from 2007-2008 and owe a great deal to the outstanding men and women of that EAA Chapter...Thank you for sharing your knowledge and giving me the opportunity to serve you as president for those two enjoyable years.




This Video below is of my first Takeoff on 6 October, 2012



This Video below is of my first Engine Run on 16 July, 2012




The Video below is one of my gear retract tests after painting the aircraft:





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1) Sample CG Calulations for ERacer

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    New ERacer Center of Gravity samples.docx



2)  ERacer N382RB Operations Manual.               
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Log book:  I have 3 books covering 17 years of documented construction and photos that I will transfer to this website in the future.  The photos have already been put into the "Chapters" and "Pictures" Tabs.