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Our Goal: To safely build and fly the ERacer
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ERacer projects for sale
(PAYPAL Certified)
ERacer Canard hats now for sale.  Price Includes Shipping
Cost:  $20  
Note:  after clicking on buy now, you will have to
enter the amount of the purchase, quantity and then
Click update and pay.  The price per hat is not set
on the buy it now page.  If there is a question, just shoot me an email.
Below are some Parts and Construction Tools for sale. PRICES NOW INCLUDE SHIPPING.  Use PAYPAL ( to buy or please contact me at:
ERacer bottle Coozies..............$3.00 each....or..(3 for $10)
ERacer Mugs for sale.............Larger size coffee mug........$12 (includes shipping)
 ERacer Logo Vinyl stickers. (3.5" x 6.5") These are press on and peel off transparent cover leaving only the logo on the surface.    $5.00 ea
Above:  Lycoming spin-on Oli filter adaptor off a Lycoming 0360.  This adapter comes with the CH48110-1 filter..........$220  (reg.$550+)