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Our Goal: To safely build and fly the ERacer
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ERacer Construction Log
The following tabs under this page show some of the construction photos I have collected over my 17 year process to create my ERacer Aircraft.  Of course it is always an ongoing upgrade project...that's what makes it fun.
As you can see below, My US Air Force career, 3 daughters growing up during the process, as well and seasonal climate changes,  made this a part-time hobby for me that I thoroughly enjoyed.
My ERacer was built in my various garages around the United States until May of 2012 when I moved it to its current hanger home at KFFC for final assembly and taxi/flight testing.
Below is my yearly construction hour breakown:
Year      Hours
1995       21 - Del Rio, Texas   
1996      143
1997      139
1998      100 - Abilene, Texas
1999      127
2000      119
2001      164 - Cabot, Arkansas
2002      103
2003      163
2004      117 - San Antonio, Texas
2005      219
2006      325
2007      265
2008       77 - Peachtree City, Georgia
2009       22
2010      132
2011      168
2012      381 -  First Flight, KFFC, Peachtree City, GA
TOTAL    2754