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Chapter 9 and 13   Canopy and Top deck Construction
I got my canopy glass from "Todds Canopies" and used a fine bladed dremel blade to cut the plexiglass to size..  I left it a bit bigger than the plans call for a little extra headroom. 
I used a wood backing to initially mount the glass.  I later cut the seat back outlines and then after mounting I decided to completely open it up by cutting out all the seat back wood.
Urethane foam blocks were layed into position for initial carving into the fuselage top deck shape.
The urethane was then sanded into the final shape.
Fuselage forward deck section ready for glassing.
My daughter and I then proceeded to lay the needed layers of glass and epoxy onto the fuselage top section as well as the aft turtleback section.
The turtleback section was also made of urethane foam blocks that were sanded into shape and then covered with bi-directional glass and epoxy. 
Left:  The turtleback was then cut off the fuselage and the inside surfaces were glassed.  Note that I layed unidirectional strip glass across the inside for shape stability.
Right:  Turtle deck was then remounted and attachment screws were added to each side.
The front top deck section was also cut off and the canopy attachment brackets and hinges were added.  Two FE-11 air springs are attached to keep the canopy in the up position.
This is a picture showing the Canopy and the front attach deck ready to be mounted to the aircraft fuselage. 
This is the canopy in the final stages with paint added, some handles, and the entire back seat wood section cut out.
Canopy and front deck section initially attached to the fuselage for some movement testing.
One last shot of the Canopy, front deck, and turtledeck, taken later with primer added .