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Our Goal: To safely build and fly the ERacer
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Chapter 7-8 Cockpit, Cabin, and Control Assembly
 Below are some pictures of the various control systems as well as some of the cockpit finishing on my ERacer.
This is the main control stick.. I actually carved this out of a 2x4 and formed it to fit my hand.  I drilled it out and installed a push button in the top.
The above picture shows the main aileron torque tube that attaches the control stick to the bell crank behind the seat.
The above pic shows the aileron bellcrank located behind the seat belt and the connections to the two aileron push-pull cables. 
Above shows the aileron push pull cable connected to the aileron torque tube in the right wing. 
Above pics show the seat belt shoulder harnesses first installed in the seats .
The used  3 inches of temperfoam on each seat for a full length cushion.   Green-hard, Blue-medium and Pink-soft foam were glued together in the shape of the seat and then later covered.  These seats are very comfortable!!
Above is a pic of the finished seats.  Since this time, I have changed the seat color to light grey.  White would just get dirty way too easy. 
In the above pics you can see the grey seats as well as the metal cargo grate/hole that I built into the back.  This aids in keeping the baggage out of the gear mechanism.
Above shows the  mount I created for the trim lever.  Above this, I mounted the throttle control.
Left:  A fuzzy picture showing the throttle control box mounted above the trim control.
Right:  This was the mount I built that was installed in the left armrest to secure the throttle and mixture cable to the box.
Above is a picture of the reverse movement control that I built to change the direction of movement for the mixture control.  this was needed due to the way my fuel injection servo is mounted on the engine. 
Above are a couple pics showing the push-pull cables of the throttle and mixture coming through the armrest to the throttle control.  Since this time, I added an additional support beween my mount and the throttle control box. 
The finished product as it is today
 Above it a pic of the throttle cable coming out of the firewall mount just prior to being connected to the throttle arm on the servo.
This is a shot of the mixture control cable connected to the mixture arm on the servo. 
Rudder Pedals
The two pictures above show a number of things.  The top one shows the rudder pedals and how the brake master cylinders are mounted to the front bulk heads as well as the elevator torque tube and counter balance weights connected to the canard.  The bottom is another shot of the rudder pedals and brakes.
 This picture above shows the rudder cable and spring attached to the outboard pedal.