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Our Goal: To safely build and fly the ERacer
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After the initial break-in which has so far consisted of 4 engine runs up to 300F CHT at 1500-1700 RPM,  I began the process of preparing the aircraft for the FAA Inspection.  There are several items that have to be corrected and some overall improvements to be made.
After pulling the prop and extension off to install the rear baffles,  I re-installed them and applied the safety wires.  I will add Bellville washers after initial flight testing.
Above left:  I had to create and build a Transfer unit that would reverse the cable action of the mixture control so foward would be rich and aft would be lean/idle-cutoff.
Above right:  I also had to rebulid the right fuel feeder assembly due to some leaking valves and fittings.
Above left: Added heat shielding to glass areas in wing root.
Above right:  I added toggle switches for my mags.  Key switch is just a decoy now.
Above:  Adel clamps were added to stabilize oil, fuel, breather, as well as my protected electrical lines
Above left:  Pulley guards added to lower rudder pulleys.
Above Right:  Airworthiness Certificate issued!!!!!   (I'm on the left) on 22 August, 2012
My DAR spent 3-4 hours going over all the systems of the aircraft.
Above:  After fabricating the wing fences, I layed up attachment pionts on the trailing edge...over plastic wrap for now. After cure I will remove, sand, paint and re-attach.
Above left:  I decided to paint an appropriate end to the stripe on each side of the lower cowling
Above right:  I added a fire extinquisher and pulled the right fuel probe for some needed adjustments
Above:  I added some extensions to the rear baffle to match the cowlings and seal the exhaust pipes. 
Above left:  I re-installed the left magneto.  I had experienced a broken spring on my impulse coupling during the 3rd start so the guys at Air-Tec fixed me up quick and sent me the mag back.
Above right:  The left fuel probe had been having issues so I just replaced the entire unit.  The new one works great. 
Above left:  Wing fences complete and installed.
Above right:  I added some extra heat shielding to the areas of the cowlings that were located close to the exhaust pipes 
Above:  After the high speed taxi tests and lack of elevator authority, I checked the canard incidence and found it to be to low so I had to do a little re-work.
Above left: Taxi tests also showed a need to stabilize the nose pivot so I purchased a beefed up NG-6A with roller bearings
Above center: I also discovered that the NG-15 casting that I had drilled out years ago to accomodate a Davenport shimmy dampener had not been exactly drilled straight resulting in a small slant to the nose tire and this is what was making the AC make easy right turns and difficult left turns as well as pull right at slow speeds so I have replaced the entire nose wheel assembly.
Above right: Testing also showed a flaw in my secondhand airspeed indicator so a new one was purchased and installed.
Now the Aircraft is ready for its first flight.......
  **  SEE Chapter 23  for First Flight  **