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Chapter 20B   Painting 
After the 2 part epoxy primer was applied and the aircraft sanded I decided to go with a Marine Topcoat Paint called Pettit EASYPOXY.  This is a one stage urethane paint that can be brushed on or thinned and sprayed.  The paint is relatively thin and lays down nice but did take some practice to spray.  I started with the turtle back which gave me a variety of angles to shoot onto.
Above shows turtle back during painting.  I had to paint outside so I could only paint on hot, dry calm wind days.
Finished product...Turtleback painted.
I next painted the various flight controls. I used a large air compressor and wet paint gun.
I tackled the wings next.  The weather supported me for a good week of painting.
Here is a shot of the finished wing back in the garage.  As you can see, the Easypoxy lays down nice.  Its not perfect, but it will work.
The canard was a relatively easy one to shoot.
The fuselage introduced a few challenges.  I chose to not stand her all the way up.  I just took my time and it came out pretty nice.  There are at least 3 coats on all the parts.
A shot of the nose and the lower cowling which I actually painted later after the installation of the engine.
The finished fuselage back in the garage.
I decided to add a red stripe.  I painted it on using red easypoxy.  Later I added some thin black striping that can be seen in current pictures.  I also added my name and my wife's name to each side of the canopy.
Finished fuselage with stripe and names added....ready for an engine.