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Chapter 19   Cowling Installation
Above shows the Cozy MK IV cowlings that I used as the base for my ERacer cowling.  This was kind of like cheating but I wanted to see how it would work as an option.  I figured I could always make my own later if things turned out bad.
I had to add a lip to the turtledeck for the cowling latches.  I decided to use czus fasteners for attaching the cowling.
The above pics show a bit of the process adding the cowling attachment lip to the fuselage.  I used foam as a "mold" to lay-up the glass strips.
Above is a pic of the lower attachment lip on the right side of the firewall. 
Above is the small upper attachment lip above the main spar on the right side. 
This was the first trial fit of the fuselage bottom.  I should have waited until after the engine was installed but I was looking for something to work on.  I used clecos to hold it on.
I created an air diffuser to aid in naca cooling.  I ended up removing  much of the right side due to the engine components. 
I then started doing some cutting to allow for the differences in shape of the ERacer fuselage .
After installing the engine,  I found out how my plans would work out. 
I quickly realized that the angle I mounted the lower cowling would constitute some major cowling surgery to allow for the fit I wanted. 
I cut out a lower section on each side and layed up a surface that would not interfere with the lower components. 
Above is a couple pics of my changes. 
With a little cutting, the upper cowling actually fit the turtledeck quite well.  Where the cowlings intercepted the fuselage /spar area was way off so I cut that part out.  As you can see, the cowling halves are also too long for the ERacer.  This is mainly because the ERacer engine mount sits very close to the firewall, unlike the Cozy mount.
Above is a rear shot before I trimmed the trailing edge of the cowling halves to fit. 
I then used foam to create a surface that would blend in the cut-out areas of the upper cowling. 
These glass additions were attached to the upper cowling.
Due to the limited space under the cowling on the ERacer, I chose to mount the oil cooler on top of the engine and give it its own air scoop as a cooling air source.  This method was used by Tore, on his ERacer and the results were good. 
Above is the cut out for the scoop on the upper cowling and the scoop itself being made over a foam core. 
Above shows the scoop after being fitted onto the cowling.  A cut out for the oil filler access door was also added. 
The last adjustments came when the cowling was fit to the fuselage with the wings on.  These lay-ups would  and should have been done much earlier but I could not put the wings until later when the aircraft was moved to a hanger and out of my house garage.
Foam was shaped and glass was overlayed onto the attachment lip on the wing. 
The three above pictures show how the attachment lip and fasteners were added to the inboard wing edges.  The lip was made with 5 layers of bi-dir glass.  After cure and trimming the holes were drilled and the Czus faster receivers were riveted into the glass. 
Above shows the aircraft with the cowlings removed.  Note the turtledeck attachment lip and wing attachment lips. 
 Above is a picture of the final cowling attachment....Its not perfect but it works well.