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Chapter 15-16  Canard Construction and Installation
The above pic shows the canard template attached to the foam block ready for the hot wire procedure. 
Left:  This shows the Canard supports attached to the work bench ready to receive the cut core.
Right:  This is the trailing half if the Canard foam core prior to the layers of glass that form the spar cap are layed-up.   
Here is the same above core after the spar cap is attached.  Note the hard points bonded under the glass to be drilled and receive the mounting tabs. 
Left:  Drilling out the hard point holes.
Right:  The canard attach tabs bolted in. 
This is another shot of the Canard attachment tab bolted into the hardpoint on the spar cap. 
These pics above show the canard leading edge cores being bonded to the canard spar cap.
Canard back in the wood supports with the entire spar layed up ready for more hardpoints to be installed prior to skinning. 
The left is another shot of the last spar lay-up curing.  The right pic shows the dense foam hard point glued into the canard prior to being sanded down. 
Left:  This is one of the dense foam hardpoints before it is embedded into the canard foam core.
Right:  Here is the elevator foam being bonded to the elevator torque tube.  Note the small aluminum template forward of the torque tube.  This piece insures proper elevator alignment on the tube. 
Some more shots of the foam being bonded to the elevator torque tubes.  Bags of lead shot were used to hold the foam in place. 
Left:  Elevators with the hardware attached.
Right:  Top skin going on the Canard. 
Left:  Final glassing of the elevator surfaces.
Right:  The end of the elevators are covered with plys of glass.
The above picture shows the elevator mated to the canard using the templates bonded and clamped to the surfaces for alignment.
The marked areas are then drilled out so the hinges can slip into them.
The hinges are then slipped into position and floxed into position. 
This shows the hinges glued into the slits completing the attachment. 
Left:  Pic of the elevator tubes on the underside of the canard.
Right:  This shows the counter weight on the elevator prior to installation 
This is a pic of the elevator torque tube attachment legs.  These will hold another counter weight and attached to the tube from the control stick. 
 1. Foam attachment                                     2. Foam is marked
3. Foam is carved and sanded                   4.  Glass is layed-up over the foam surface
The 4 above pictures show the progression of creating the canard tips. 
Elevator complete and waiting for surface prep.
These above pics show the elevator strake I attached to the side of the fuselage to blend the elevator into the aircraft.
Laying-up the hard points on the FS-22 bulkhead to install the Canard attach hardware.
Canard alignment and attachment.  I chose to attach a cover to the canard which aids in attachment into the fuselage.
Alignment and then fitting the canard cover foam.