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Our Goal: To safely build and fly the ERacer
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Chapter 11   Wings and Winglets
Left: Foam block measured, marked,  ready for initial hot wire cutting.
Right: These are the wing Jigs bondo'd to the floor...ready for foam cores.
Left: This was the 4' hot wire cutter..we also used a home-made 6' cutter for the large pieces.
Right:  Piece of the trailing edge foam core complete. 
Left: Here is a shot of the above piece prior to cutting.  Note the wing template attached to the foam material. 
Right: Pic of the interior aileron template prior to cutting of the aileron torque tube hole.  That square cut-out section is later glued back in after the interior of the  future aileron is cut out. 
Left: Checking the cores prior to placing in the wing jig.
Right: Trailing edge foam cores mounted into the wig jig waiting for cap spar lay-up. 
Left:  Using a dremel with router blade to dig out areas for the hard points.
Right:  This shows the lay-ups on the wing bolt access channels. 
Left: Bolt access channels complete with hard points and sheet alum. covers.  Ready for spar cap layup. 
Right: Pic shows the initial layers of the spar cap glass lay-up into position.
Left:  Spar cap complete and peel ply covering.
Right: Leading edge foam cores micro'd into position on top of the spar cap.
Left:  All wing foam in the jig and curing.
Right:  The jig is then taken off the floor and layed onto the work table for next layups.
Above:  The bottom halves of the jig are bondo'd to the work tabe and the othe halves are removed for the next wing spar layups.
Left:  Unidirectional glass is layed into the channel for the upper and lower wing spar layups.
Right:  Then the wing in covered in bi-directional glass lay-ups.
Left:  Pic of one wing completely glassed on both sides awaiting the final aileron cutting.
Right:  Cutting out the aileron with a dremel and my home-made angle cutting tool. 
Left:  Shows the installation of the aileron hinges.
Right:  One aileron cut out complete.
Left:  Both wings complete (except for winglets) awaiting the final aileron installation.
Right: Aileron installed on one wing.
Left:  Aircraft leveled and both wings in position for initial mounting procedures.
Right:  This is a pic showing how the ERacer push-pull aileron control cables hook into the aileron bell crank and control the ailerons on this aircraft.
Left:  Winglet template attached to foam prior to hotwire. 
Right:  First winglet foam core cut out and pieces glued together.
Left:  Glass lay-ups on one side of the winglet.
Right:  This is a completed winglet with the bottom edge cut for attachment and rudder line marked prior to cutting.
Left:  Winglet bondo'd into correct position with a wood temporary support.
Right:  Winglet attach point...ready to begin series of attachment layups.
Left:  First attachment lay-ups on interior edges.
Right:  Next layers of glass laid and peel-ply'd.
Left:  Pic of interior lay-ups after cure...ready for next steps.
Right:  Positioning the foam for next surface addition.
Left:  Foam is micro'd in and shaped.
Right:  Pic shows outer structural lay-ups attaching the winglet to the wing.
Left:  Now more foam is micro'd into position for further shaping.
Right:  Foam is carved into final wing shape.
Above:  Final lay-ups are made to the outside of the winglet.
Left:  Pic shows the rudder hinges, rivets, screws, hooks and return springs needed for rudder completion.
Right:  Rudders are cut out and aluminum rudder horns are installed at the base of each.
Left:  Shows the inboard structural lay-ups needed for winglet attachment to the wing.
Right:  Rudder installed on winglet.